Sunday, July 26, 2009

the rudity of rudeness

i ne'er meant ter b rude. really. i'm generally nt a rude prson.

well. i dont. its just- u know the feeling when u feel annoyed but u hav to keep mum purely out of respect? well i feel that everytme i enter the surau in u know, wherever- be it a shopping complex , R&R, or any other public places. i complained to sum1 n that sum1 bashed me bck saying i hav no respect towards ppl who pray.

now i dont care. i'm going to say it anyway.

i'm teribly annoyed when...

1. Ppl leave the door open
  • Unless the authority has invented a magic shield from the wandering eyes of the outsiders while we, scarfless, rolled our pants to our knee and terbongkok2 ambil wudhu', then u r free to leave the door open. O course, i understand u r too concerned about the airy system and the room might get stuffy. i understand that your hands r fully occupied with all the stuff on sale. I truly undrstand, i'm a girl too. u have your own reasons. it wud b absolutely ridiculous to think that u r simply too LAZY to shut the door bhind u.
2. Ppl telling stories for all to hear
  • Yes, it was delightful to hear that Cik A is finally getting married, and oh-i-couldnt-believe-it that B***H C stabbed back her own friends, while it was enthralling to know how good the food are downstairs just at the corner, and oh my GOD i too, cant blive that youngsters nowadays r so bold n rebellious. i undrstand u wan to share this with everybody, not just with ur friends whom u were all sitting in a corner buzzing away, even busier that bumble bee. bt some of us r here to pray, oh, dont wory, we cn always log on to the itrnet to catch up with the latest story. it was nice of u to share, thank u.
3. Ppl who do not put their hp in silent mode.......n answer it when it rings
  • U r a busy woman, afterall. The world wud definitely stop spinning if u miss to answer this 1 very2 important call. I respect that.
4. Ppl who spend most of their life in front of the very2 small mirror in surau
  • It is vital to wear that blusher and mascara and the eyeliner and the lippy. not to mention to make sure your tudung is perfectly curved even though it'll take you half of your life. i mean, hello... it's your apperance rite, and nothing matters more, even those who are queueing bhind u, jamming the already crowded surau. wat? no way, why bother doing this in the toilet when there's a mirror here?

oh, and Aqma wud b so swelling with pride of me when she read this.

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Aqma said...

wahahhahahahaa....aku berjaya menyebarkan dakyah BITTER aku!